Our vision is to constantly raise the bar of nanoparticle analysis, and to enable the full potential of nano-scale tools.

Nanoparticle analysis often require several processing steps and a single measurement can be time consuming. Therefore, we have our starting point in waveguide technology, and focus on simple setup, minimal preparation need, and intuitive analysis methods. Currently, we focus on applications for biological nanoparticles and we act in the overlapping field of physics and biology.

Executive Team


Nils Löfgren, PhD


+46 (0)730 644 359

Vast experience in Life Science, covering small medical device companies, large consultancy enterprises, and academia. Thorough background in business and organizational development in the consultancy sector. 

Technical lead

Björn Agnarsson, PhD


Expertise in the development of new analytical methods and tools for detecting and tracking nanoparticles on surfaces and in bulk. Main research focus include micro and nanofabrication, optical sensors, plasmonics and general interdisciplinary work.

Research Engineer

Mattias Sjöberg, MSc


Active research on the development of surface-based bioanalytical sensing methods for highly sensitive characterization of biological nanoparticles.


Chair of the board

Jesper Dahlberg

Many years of experience as lawyer in corporate law. Background as CEO for companies in various phases and sectors. 

Scientific Lead

Fredrik Höök

Professor in Nano and Biophysics, research focus on the development of surface-based bioanalytical tools. Applications within

fundamental studies of cell-membrane mimics, and diagnostic and drug-screening.

Application advisor

Göran Larson

Professor in Laboratory Medicine, University of Gothenburg and Sahlgrenska University Hospital. Research focus on studying the interactions of viruses and their target cell surfaces with the specific aim of inhibiting viral proteins to bind to membrane associated carbohydrates.

Technology advisor

Mikael Käll

Professor in Nano and Biophysics at Chalmers University of Technology. Main expertise in nanooptics, biophotonics and condensed matter physics. Active research on physics of optical antennas and metamaterials made by metal nanostructures that support so-called surface plasmon resonances.