Label free, real-time, single particle analysis

The Nanolyze technology can reveal important fundaments of nanoparticle processes. We offer unique solutiuons for unlabeled real-time analysis at single particle resolution. Our products are being developed for an efficient workflow, with an easy-to-use interface covering experimental setup, recording, and data analysis in one instrument.

Nanolyze® Explore

Nanolyze® offers easy access to label-free real-time monitoring of nanoparticle processes at single-particle resolution at a fraction of the cost of a TIRF setup. Nanolyze Explore provides easy access to our technology and a fast track for getting started with analyzing your exosomes, viruses, LNPs (lipid nanoparticles) or other nanoparticles.

Nanolyze Explore comes as a microscope stage-insert, making TIRF like imaging possible on any microscope. You will not need to spend any more time dealing with busy shared microscope, rather you can obtain data on your own epifluorescence microscope and spend more doing actual research.

We customize the stage adaptor to most microscope stages, so you can simply jack it to your existing microscope setup. The Nanolyze software will assist you from experimental setup to recording, administration, and data analysis. If you do not have an existing setup, we provide good quality microscopes, objectives, cameras, and lasers. If you invest in a complete setup, the setup can additionally be used for other purposes.

Nanolyze® Vision

Nanolyze Vision is our fully automated system optimized for efficient workflow and easy handling. The product will be released with full functionality in 2024. Nanolyze Vision is based on the same powerful technology as Nanolyze Explore, but with a minimum need for training. It adds improved ability to control environmental parameters and automatic onset of various steps in your experimental setup. You will be able to focus on the biological processes and the biophysics of interest. The integrated setup can be validated as one unit, enabling diagnostic and QC (quality control) applications in a GMP (good manufacturing practices) environment.

Nanolyze® Sense

Nanolyze Sense is a sensor chip and the core component of the Nanolyze technology. This disposable microfluidic cell is highly sophisticated, but easy to use. Fluid channels allows introducing particles to the sensor area, which can be monitored in a static environment or under a controlled flow. The layer composition is patented, and the fabrication process requires highly advanced microfabrication facilities. We are proud to be able to deliver this to our users, which in combination with our instruments delivers the next generation of nanoparticle analysis.

Our team offer expertise in preparing the chip optimally for monitoring specific particles. Please get in contact if you need support regarding surface functionalization or if you are interested in optimizing your workflow by purchasing pre-functionalized Nanolyze Sense.

Nanolyze® Analytix

Nanolyze Analytix brings the power to transform your instrument for various applications. A prominent strength of the Nanolyze technology is its wide application areas. It can be used to determine characteristics like size, refractive index, loading capacity etc, but it can also be used for kinetic studies, virus tracking and much more. Our core software is dynamic in itself, but we also offer modules optimized to present data efficiently for specific applications by expanding the software with Nanolyze Analytix modules. If we do not have the application for your specific need we offer development services to customize modules in collaboration with you.


Unlabeled real-time analysis at single particle resolution.
Unlabeled real-time analysis at single particle resolution.
Efficient workflow, with an easy-to-use interface
Efficient workflow, with an easy-to-use interface
Improved precision in size estimates, protein corona detection with a sensitivity of 3 nm.
Improved precision in size estimates, protein corona detection with a sensitivity of 3 nm.
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